Newsletter – January 2016

Newsletter – January 2016

Thoughts from Pastor Roland Ziprick

The personification of the New Year as a baby, symbolizes the birth of the New Year.  Also a baby can symbolize hope, a fresh start, a new beginning with lots of promise.  It struck me that the birth of a New Year is very poignant for many of us at Surrey Urban Mission.

We enter the New Year, giving birth to something new at the Mission. We welcome our new Executive Director, Michael Musgrove, we stop to take a breath and reassess our goals for and consider ways to improve and enhance what we do. It is the thought of hope, a new beginning and with lots of promise.

In the gospel of Luke, we read that after the shepherds found the Holy Family in the stable, they related the visit and the announcement of the angels. Luke tells us that Mary pondered all these things, treasuring them in her heart.

As one considers this new life entering the world, we ponder and treasure many things in our hearts:   hope, promise, joy, blessing, to name just a few.

The opposite of the New Year’s baby, is Father Time. Father Time starts out the New Year as the baby and through the year gets older, he tires and wears out.  As the New Year gets older, we get tired of the year and it wears out for us too.

Living in the world, we are no different as individuals in our spiritual make-up.  Through the year, with every struggle, we become tired and long for newness, a fresh start. Then we experience the birth of a baby at Christmas. The Christ-child injects into our hearts, newness, a fresh start, renewed life.

As John the Fourth Evangelist says in his gospel: “What has come into being in him was life, and the life was the light of all people. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.”   (John 1:  3-5)

May the New Year offer all of you, newness, hope, promise, a fresh start and joy. So, we at Surrey Urban Mission enter the New Year, with newness, hope, joy, promise and a fresh start.

Message from John Wolff, Board Chair

We have so much to be thankful for at SUMs. This Christmas Season was one that was truly filled with joy and the spirit of giving as friends and neighbours of SUMS came and donated gifts of food, clothing and money.  All so very needed and appreciated. Christmas is the best of times for some and the worst of times for others. Friends, old and new, came to help out this Christmas Season and it was indeed a blessing to our guests. SUMs was a happy place and a sanctuary for many.

The Emergency Shelter at SUMS has been full every night we have been open. (During the rainy, cold weather we have been permitted by BC Housing to house 30 people overnight.) We are part of a network of Shelters and so we send people to other locations throughout the city when we are at capacity. Our numbers of guest have increased significantly for meals, as we served over 9,000 meals in December.  What has changed in our community is the number of working poor people, that we help by providing a meal and, sometimes, their bag lunch to take to work.  As affordable housing is difficult to find in Surrey – so for many the decision is food or housing.

Mike Musgrove, our new Executive Director, was given three short term goals by the Board. The first was to address some administrative issues that the mission has been struggling with, the second was to move the Chapel into the multi-purpose room and the third was to bring the Diamond Foundation Breakfast indoor.  We are so pleased that we are now serving Breakfast 7-days a week indoors. I am so pleased that all three of those objectives are either done or well on their way.  Starting January 4, 2016, all meals, including breakfast, will be served indoor – a win for the community, the city and most importantly, those we serve.

On behalf of everyone at SUMs we wish you all the very best in 2016.

SUMs Walk & Fundraiser

Save the Date for the Coldest Night of the Year on February 20, 2016.  Get your team ready to walk and help raise money for those living in poverty in North Surrey. You and your team will have fun while helping those in need.  Or you can join SUM Team –

Calling all Faith and Service Groups

The Sunday Dinner call was answered.  Thank you to those who stepped up to help. Saturday Breakfast is another great opportunity to share.  And please consider putting in your church team to help us fundraise on February 20th – the Coldest Night of the Year. Contact us at for more information.

The New Chapel at SUMs

The new Chapel at the Mission held its’ first service on January 3, 2016.

Thanks Again & Again

Volunteerism is the core of our existence. Our volunteers are what makes it all happen at the SUMS.  Thank you to each volunteer, from the students to the seniors and everyone in between for your dedication and support for those we serve.

Thanks to all our Corporate Donors for your support.  A special shout out to Rick Diamond and the Diamond Foundation for all that you do.


Please consider helping.  Volunteer and, if you can, give.  Men’s clothing, socks, gloves and mens’  are always needed at SUMS.  Money is also very appreciated – tax receipts can be provided.

We are also looking for help with some “big ticket” needs at the Mission too.

  • Roof repairs – $10,000
  • Furnace repairs – $5,000
  • Defibrillator – $2,000
  • Security Doors – $2,000

Any donation cheques should be made out to BC Synod with SUMS noted in the memo line.

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