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Who We Are

” Romans 12:13 When God’s people are in need, be ready to help them.”

Surrey Urban Mission Society (SUMS) is a Faith based, Volunteer Driven, Community Kitchen. Surrey’s Whalley neighbourhood has been identified by Statistic Canada as one of the poorest postal codes in the Country.

We are dependent on the generosity of our partnerships and the community at large to fulfill our Mission. Surrey Urban Missions’ key goal is help those in need in our community by simply supplying a meal. SUMS and our generous partners supply over 90,000 meals every year.

SUMS has been blessed by support from Christ the King Lutheran Church which provided funds that helped us to purchase a building right in the heart of Whalley at 10776 King George Boulevard. The building has provided us with a place to help provide those in need with a comfortable place to share a meal. During those cold, wet nights the mission also provides emergency shelter for those who are homeless.

SUMS is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors who meet regularly to provide the direction and guidance to achieve our Vision, Mission and Core Values of SUMS.

SUMS Vision
To create an inclusive community where all are respected and no one is left behind.

SUMS Mission
Surrey Urban Mission assists the people of Central Surrey come together in community to meet their physical, social, and spiritual needs.

SUMS Core Values

Community – A strong and independent non-profit organization is essential to weaving the social, cultural, environmental, and economic fabric of our society. It provides needed services, gives people a way to participate as citizens and volunteers, stands up for underrepresented citizens, and pioneers solutions to major social issues.

Innovation and a sense of hope – Create a better world through innovation and social change. This sense of hope leads to creative approaches and new models that work. We seek to nurture the spirit of the non-profit community by recognizing and celebrating successes, as well as learning from valuable failures.

Integrity and accountability – We will be effective in achieving our missions and accountability to all stakeholders-the community, constituents, donors, board, staff, volunteers, collaborators, and government. We believe in modeling this trustworthiness and integrity that earns the public’s high regard for our Mission. This reflects an alignment between what we say, what we do, and how we do it.

Responsible Stewardship – We are committed to careful stewardship of all human, natural, and financial resources. This means we use carefully the time and talents of those working with the Mission, we are environmentally responsible and we spend wisely the funds invested in us.

Our Team

This wonderfull people make it all possible